Gustavo Bastos

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There is growing evidence indicating that neurogenesis in adulthood is influenced by certain types of the central diseases such as neuroinflammation, however, its mechanism is not fully understood. This study was, therefore, designed to examine the effects of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a bacterial endotoxin known to cause the neuroinflammation, on the(More)
Inferring the metabolic pathways that control the cell cycles is a challenging and difficult task. However, its importance in the process of understanding living organisms has been leading to the development of several models to infer gene regulatory networks from DNA microarray data. In the last years, many works have been adding biological information to(More)
Gene regulatory networks, or simply gene networks (GNs), have shown to be a promising approach that the bioinformatics community has been developing for studying regulatory mechanisms in biological systems. GNs are built from the genome-wide high-throughput gene expression data that are often available from DNA microarray experiments. Conceptually, GNs are(More)
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