Gustavo Alonso

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Data grids, large scale web applications generating dynamic content and database service providing pose significant scalability challenges to database engines. Replication is the most common solution but it involves difficult trade-offs. The most difficult one is the choice between scalability and consistency. Commercial systems give up consistency.(More)
ÐFault tolerance is a key requirement in Process Support Systems (PSS), a class of distributed computing middleware encompassing applications such as workflow management systems and process centered software engineering environments. A PSS controls the flow of work between programs and users in networked environments based on a ametaprogramo (the process).(More)
Recent developments in service architectures suggest that run-time adaptations could be implemented with dynamic AOP. In this paper we discuss application requirements on run-time AOP support and present a system that addresses these requirements. We provide basic support for weaving using the Just-In-Time compiler, while the AOP system is treated as an(More)
Web services, and more in general service-oriented architectures (SOAs), are emerging as the technologies and architectures of choice for implementing distributed systems and performing application integration within and across companies boundaries. In this article we describe Web services from an evolutionary perspective, with an emphasis on the(More)
In this paper we take advantage of the concepts developed for centralized module management, such as dynamic loading and unloading of modules, and show how they can be used to support the development and operation of distributed applications. We do so through R-OSGi, a distributed middleware platform that extends the centralized, industrystandard OSGi(More)
Replication is an area of interest to both distributed systems and databases. The solutions developed from these two perspectives are conceptually similar but differ in many aspects: model, assumptions, mechanisms, guarantees provided, and implementation. In this paper, we provide an abstract and “neutral” framework to compare replication techniques from(More)
Pervasive applications rely on data captured from the physical world through sensor devices. Data provided by these devices, however, tend to be unreliable. The data must, therefore, be cleaned before an application can make use of them, leading to additional complexity for application development and deployment. Here we present Extensible Sensor stream(More)