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Web services, and more in general service-oriented architectures (SOAs), are emerging as the technologies and architectures of choice for implementing distributed systems and performing application integration within and across companies boundaries. In this article we describe Web services from an evolutionary perspective, with an emphasis on the(More)
When using Aspect Oriented Programming in the development of software components, a developer must understand the program units actually changed by weaving, how they behave, and possibly correct the aspects used. Support for rapid AOP prototyping and debugging is therefore crucial in such situations. Rapid prototyping is difficult with current aspect(More)
In this paper we take advantage of the concepts developed for centralized module management, such as dynamic loading and unloading of modules, and show how they can be used to support the development and operation of distributed applications. We do so through R-OSGi, a distributed middleware platform that extends the centralized, industry-standard OSGi(More)
Data replication is an increasingly important topic as databases are more and more deployed over clusters of workstations. One of the challenges in database replication is to introduce replication without severely affecting performance. Because of this difficulty, current database products use lazy replication, which is very efficient but can compromise(More)
Service-oriented computing is an emerging cross-disciplinary paradigm for distributed computing, which is changing the way software applications are designed, delivered and consumed. At the heart of service-oriented computing are services that provide autonomous, platform-independent, computational elements that can be described, published, discovered,(More)
Taking advantage of many-core, heterogeneous hardware for data processing tasks is a difficult problem. In this paper, we consider the use of FPGAs for data stream processing as co-processors in many-core architectures. We present Glacier, a component library and compositional compiler that transforms continuous queries into logic circuits by composing(More)
Mobile phones are set to become the universal interface to online services and cloud computing applications. However, using them for this purpose today is limited to two configurations: applications either run on the phone or run on the server and are remotely accessed by the phone. These two options do not allow for a customized and flexible service(More)
Recent developments in service architectures suggest that run-time adaptations could be implemented with dynamic AOP. In this paper we discuss application requirements on run-time AOP support and present a system that addresses these requirements. We provide basic support for weaving using the Just-In-Time compiler, while the AOP system is treated as an(More)