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A method is presented for isolating osteoblasts from newborn mouse calvaria without the use of digestive enzymes. The procedure is based on the ability of osteoblasts to migrate from bone onto small glass fragments (Jones, S.J., and A. Boyde, 1977, Cell Tissue Res., 184:179-193). The isolated cells were cultured for up to 14 d in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's(More)
Dermoscopy has being used over the past twenty years as a noninvasive aid in the diagnosis of innumerable skin conditions, including infectious diseases and infestations (Entodermoscopy).Tinea nigra is a superficial phaeohyfomycosis that affects mainly the glabrous skin of palms and soles. We describe a 14 year-old girl with a three-month history of an(More)
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