Gustavo A Peñuela

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Simkania negevensis is an obligate intracellular bacterium grouped into the order Chlamydiales. This new amoeba-resistant bacterium represents a novel aetiologic agent of bronchiolitis and community-acquired pneumonia in both adults and children. It has been suggested that Simkania could be an ubiquitous microorganism presented in water environments. In the(More)
In the work presented here, a photocatalytic system using titanium Degussa P-25 in suspension was used to evaluate the degradation of 20mg L(-1) of antibiotic oxolinic acid (OA). The effects of catalyst load (0.2-1.5 g L(-1)) and pH (7.5-11) were evaluated and optimized using the surface response methodology and the Pareto diagram. In the range of variables(More)
In this work, a multi-class method for the simultaneous determination of 17 emerging contaminants, including pharmaceuticals and personal care products, has been developed. Target analytes were two anti-inflammatories, a lipid regulator agent, two angiotensin II antagonists, two antiepileptic drugs and a diuretic. Among personal care products, four(More)
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