Gustavo A. Isaza

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Gene annotation is a process that encompasses multiple approaches on the analysis of nucleic acids or protein sequences in order to assign structural and functional characteristics to gene models. When thousands of gene models are being described in an organism genome, construction and visualization of gene networks impose novel challenges in the(More)
The attacks detection and prevention problem could be improved using new intelligent techniques. This paper aims to define an ontology model for intrusion correlation over intelligent multiagent system. The semantic model describes attacks signatures, reaction rules, axioms with alerts communication and correlation. The proposed model optimizes the alerts(More)
To date there is no software that directly connects the linguistic analysis of a conversation to a network program. Networks programs are able to extract statistical information from data basis with information about systems of interacting elements. Language has also been conceived and studied as a complex system. However, most proposals do not analyze(More)
Evolutionary robotics (ER) is a methodology that uses evolutionary computation to develop controllers for autonomous robots. One of the most important ER techniques is based on using Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Network (CTRNNs) for designing virtual agents and videogames avatars. In this paper, this methodology is used in a videogames field.(More)