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As part of the community planning of prehospital treatment in Northern Jutland, a mixed rural and urban region with a population of 500,000 people, we estimated the prehospital treatment in connection with 1617 emergency ambulance services. The investigation included data collected by the ambulance staff, the hospital doctors and review of medical records.(More)
Fifty near relatives of cadaver kidney donors in the County of Ringkøbing were questioned about how they experienced information concerning the brain death of the donor and the request for permission to remove the kidneys for transplantation. This was undertaken as an interview investigation. In addition, they were questioned as to whether they subsequently(More)
In her book "Vårdandets Ide" the Finnish nurse, Katie Eriksson puts forward the thesis, that all kind af caring activities do have a common core. To establish this thesis professor Eriksson introduces the Aristotelian notion of an essence: Different kinds of caring activities do have a common set of essential properties constituting the act of caring. In(More)
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