Gustav Jansson

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In a survey of a number of heavy metal ions for effects on the oxidative metabolism (respiratory burst) of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils) we have found that mercury(II) and silver ions in micromolar concentration significantly increase the production of superoxide anions in cells, initiated by formyl-methionyl-leucylphenylalanine (fMLP).(More)
This paper proposes a novel modelling methodology called Vague Representation (V-rep), which is dedicated to fast shape conceptualisation. It is our hypothesis that more capable computer representation of conceptualised shapes can be achieved by a multi-phased methodology. Therefore, we have introduced and implemented three aspect models: (a) particle(More)
Each year, Luleå University of Technology teach 40 civil engineering students and 45 architectural engineering students basic knowledge in the construction process through a simulated real-life situation. In the third year, the grand total of 85 students is brought together and taught their respective professional roles through acting as experts within 6(More)
Micromolar concentrations of beta-estradiol, estrone, 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone and estriol enhance the oxidative metabolism of activated human PMNL's. The corresponding 2-hydroxylated estrogens 2-OH-estradiol, 2-OH-estrone and 2-OH-estriol act on the contrary as powerful inhibitors of cell activity. Equilenine, a naturally occurring steroid hormone(More)
This paper is a fusion of two independent studies investigating related problems concerning the use of haptic virtual environments for blind people: a study in Sweden using a PHANToM 1.5 A and one in the U.K. using an Impulse Engine 3000. In general, the use of such devices is a most interesting option to provide blind people with information about(More)
In some prototype mobility aids for the blind information about the environment is obtained with the aid of patterns within a matrix of tactile point stimuli. The aim of this report is to summarize some experiments on the possibilities of guiding movements in 3-D space by devices of this kind, the movements studied being: (1) batting a ball, (2) walking and(More)
Buildings are designed to fulfil the multiple and, often, contradictory requirements of users, clients and society. Energy aspects are often not considered before the detailed design phase and a systematic way of analysing the energy performance of solutions throughout the design phase is lacking. A suggested framework, based on engineering design theories(More)
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