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Nicorandil (SG-75) is a long acting mononitrate. A randomized, double-blind, crossover study in 10 healthy subjects has compared the haemodynamic actions of single sublingual doses of nicorandil 15, 30 and 60 mg with Isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN) 5 mg and placebo. Heart rate, blood pressure, systolic time intervals (STI) and left ventricular echocardiograms(More)
The potency order of the catecholamines (-)-isoprenaline (Iso), (-)-noradrenaline (NA), and (-)-adrenaline (Adr) in competition for radiolabelled sites is used for their pharmacological classification. It is shown that the radioligand 3H-CGP 12177 exclusively labels beta 1-adrenoceptors in rat salivary gland membranes (Iso greater than NA greater than Adr),(More)
In a double blind, placebo controlled study, propranolol (240 mg), atenolol (200 mg) or bisoprolol (100 mg) were administered as a single oral dose to groups of 6 healthy male volunteers. Exercise tachycardia was monitored for 84 hours after administration of the drugs to monitor beta blockade in vivo. Plasma samples drawn in parallel with these effects(More)
The relationship between stroke volume (SV) measured simultaneously by impedance cardiography (SV1) and echocardiography (SVE) has been analyzed. Change in stroke volume in 6 healthy volunteers was induced by passive head-up tilting (80°) and by oral administration of the sympathomimetic drug amezinium. A correlation ofr=0.83 (p j 0.01) was found between(More)
Eine kausale Behandlung der radiogenen Sialadenitis ist bislang nicht etabliert. In einer prospektiven, randomisierten, plazebokontrollierten Doppelblindstudie sollte die pharmakologische Wirksamkeit von Cumarin/Troxerutin (Venalot® Depot) zur Speicheldrüsenprotektion unter einer Kopf-Hals-Bestrahlung bei Malignompatienten überprüft werden. Patienten und(More)
Digitalis glycosides exert a positive inotropic effect, i.e. an increase in myocardial contractility associated with a prolongation of relaxation period, and glycosides lower the heart rate (negative chronotropic), impede stimulus conduction (negative dromotropic) and promote myocardial excitability (positive bathmotropic). They seem to influence the(More)
After oral administration of single doses of 240 mg of (+/-)propranolol (prop), 200 mg of (+/-)-atenolol (aten), and 100 mg of (+/-)-bisoprolol (biso) to six healthy male volunteers, the plasma concentration time profile was investigated. To measure total plasma concentrations of the parent racemic mixture of drug administered, a HPLC-assay of drug(More)
In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study in 6 healthy volunteers, the correlation between beta-adrenoceptor binding, the time course of the effect and plasma concentration kinetics was investigated from 0 to 48 h after a single oral dose of propranolol 240 mg. First, the in vitro beta-adrenoceptor interaction of propranolol was investigated. Propranolol(More)
The tolerability and hemodynamic and humoral effects of the structurally novel calcium antagonist Ro 40-5967 were investigated in 64 patients with hypertension. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, ascending oral doses of 50, 100, 150, or 200 mg were administered once daily for 8 days in a solution. Ro 40-5967 was well tolerated up to 150 mg, but(More)
In the present study we investigated whether the beta adrenoceptor subtype binding activity in plasma samples can predict selective and nonselective beta blockade in humans. From the right shifts of isoprenaline dose-response curves 0 to 84 hr after administration of propranolol and the beta-1 selective bisoprolol, in vivo beta blockade was assessed. In an(More)