Gustav Cedersjö

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Embedded DSP computing is currently shifting towards manycore architectures in order to cope with the ever growing computational demands. Actor based dataflow languages are being considered as a programming model. In this paper we present a code generator for CAL, one such dataflow language. We propose to use a compilation tool with two intermediate(More)
Reference attribute grammars (RAGs) is a powerful formalism for developing modular extensible compilers and program analysis tools. This paper presents JavaRAG, an implementation of RAGs as a Java library that is independent of the abstract syntax tree structure. This makes it possible to extend legacy compilers implemented in Java with RAG computations. We(More)
The parallel structure of dataflow programs and their support for processing streams of data make dataflow programming an interesting tool for doing stream processing on parallel processing architectures. The computational kernels, the actors, of a dataflow program communicate with other actors via FIFO channels. The actors in the dataflow model used in(More)
Dataflow programming is a paradigm for describing stream processing algorithms in a manner that naturally exposes their concurrency and makes the resulting programs readily implementable on highly parallel architectures. Dataflow programs are graph structured, with nodes representing computational kernels that process the data flowing over the edges. There(More)
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