Gustav Buchwald

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An experimental mobile broadband communication system has been developed for the purpose of implementing and evaluating candidate physical-layer technologies in a mobile cellular environment (Batariere, M.D. et al., Proc. Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group Wireless Symposium, 200 1; Proc. IEEE VTC-2002/Spring, 2002; Kepler, J.F. et al., Proc. IEEE(More)
120 Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus), caught in a territory with animal production buildings in GDR, were infected with Ganguleterakis spumosa (58,3%), Hymenelopesis diminuta (44,1%) and Hydatigera taeniaeformis larv. (3,3%). The parasitological findings were compared with those of other authors from the neighbouring countries like CSSR, Poland, FRG and the(More)
Measurements and propagation models for building penetration are shown for a VHF/ UHF system that uses low antenna height (<3 meters). Measurements show that excess building loss, even when line-of-sight conditions exist, can easily exceed 30 dB. Additionally, variations of the channel frequency response in excess of 20 dB were observed over a 5 MHz(More)
Salzartige Holzschutzmittel, die eine witterungsbestiindige lmpriignierung ergeben sollen, bestehen aus ether Kombination yon verschiedenen aktiven Komponenten: Fluoriden (F), Arsenaten (A), Kupfersalzen (KL Boraten IB) und einer sogen. fixierenden Komponente: Chromaten bzw. Chroms~iure (C). Bekannte Typen solcher Kombinationen sind: CFA-Salze, CK-Salze,(More)
Fish learned to discriminate between red and green lights; in t2.5% D~O they learned more quickly and behaved more uniformly than fish trained in normal water (H~O). At the end of the learning period both groups of fishes reached the same performance level of 95 % correct responses. The effect is thought to be due to D~O inhibiting information loss after(More)