Gus Mitsopoulos

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PURPOSE Advances in medical imaging have been associated with increased utilization and increased radiation exposure, especially for patients with chronic and recurrent conditions. The authors estimated the cumulative radiation doses from medical imaging for specific cohorts with chronic and recurrent conditions. METHODS All patients diagnosed with(More)
Proteomics and chemical genomics face great challenges in the form of molecular libraries of ever increasing size and diversity requiring rapid screening, coupled with a growing number of target proteins for which complimentary molecular ligands are sought. Proteomics and chemical genomics are at a stage that requires techniques which can dramatically(More)
This report details a method of percutaneous, transluminal retrieval of an intracardiac foreign body using fluoroscopy in combination with intracardiac echocardiography. During retrieval, intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) provided real-time anatomic localization of a constantly moving, almost radiolucent micropuncture coaxial dilator fragment with respect(More)
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