Gus J Nathan

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The present fundamental knowledge of fluid turbulence has been established primarily from hot- and cold-wire measurements. Unfortunately, however, these measurements necessarily suffer from contamination by noise since no certain method has previously been available to optimally filter noise from the measured signals. This limitation has impeded our(More)
Simultaneous planar measurements of laser-induced incandescence (LII) and Laser-Induced Fluorescence of OH radical were carried out in turbulent jet flames from a simple jet, precessing jet and bluff body burner firing natural gas. These flames span a wide range of global mixing rates and sooting characteristics, and are selected because measurements of(More)
An efficient 3.168 kW solid-state solar thermal simulator (SSSTS), capable of supplying ~30,000 suns at a focal plane via a fibre optical delivery, has been developed. The source consists of 41 diode lasers, each operated at a wavelength and power of ~915 nm and ~80 watt, respectively. The SSSTS provides a semi-top hat radiation profile and can be focused(More)
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