Gus H. Zimmerman

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Architecture reviews have evolved over the past decade to become a critical part of our continuing efforts to improve the state of affairs. We use them to identify project problems before they become costly to fix and to provide timely information to upper management so that they can make better-informed decisions. It provides the foundation for reuse,(More)
Frequency-dependent electrical conductivities of solutions of aqueous strontium hydroxide and strontium chloride have been measured from T = 295 K to T = 625 K at p = 20 MPa, over a very wide range of ionic strength (3 × 10(-5) to 0.2 mol kg(-1)), using a high-precision flow AC conductivity instrument. Experimental values for the concentration-dependent(More)
Values of the ionization constant of acetic acid in H(2)O and D(2)O (K(HAc) and K(DAc)) and the deuterium isotope effect, ΔpK = pK(DAc) - pK(HAc), have been determined from T = 368 K to T = 548 K at p = 20 MPa, using a flow-through ac conductance cell built at the University of Delaware. Measurements were made on dilute (ionic strength ∼ 10(-4) mol·kg(-1))(More)
Frequency-dependent molar electrical conductivities for aqueous solutions of potassium borate, and sodium borate have been measured from ambient to near-critical temperatures and pressures to an accuracy of ±3 percent, using a unique high-precision flow-through AC conductance instrument. The concentration dependence of these conductivities was analyzed with(More)
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