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I-ABSTRACT A statistical space-time model for indoor wireless propagation based on empirical measurements is compared with results from the deterministic ray-tracing simulation tool MSE for the same environment. Excellent agreement is found in terms of the distributions of arrival times and angular spread for both modeling approaches. The MSE package is(More)
Abstmct-This paper presents the results of experiments obtained w i t h a narrowband, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel probe in an indoor of-Ace/laboratory environment. T h e system employs ten transmit and ten receive antennas, and computes the 10 x 10 narrowband channel matrix at 2.4 GHz every 80 milliseconds. We use the data to s t u d y the(More)
A total of 158 patients with pollinosis, bronchial asthma, urticaria and Quincke's edema were examined. The immunoglobulin and C3 levels in sera and the immunoglobulin and albumin levels in saliva were determined by the method of single radial immunodiffusion with the corresponding monospecific antisera. In all the groups of patients subjected to(More)
Total IgE and IgE and IgG4 antibodies to offending allergens were studied in 118 hay fever patients allergic to tree pollen and grass pollen allergens. No difference in the level of total IgE and IgE antibodies was found between these two groups while the IgG4 antibody level was significantly higher in tree pollen allergic patients. It is suggested that the(More)
The authors studied the activity of the rheumatoid factor (RF) associated with polyclonal and monoclonal IgA contained in the sera of patients with chronic diseases of noninfectious etiology and A-paraproteinemia. IgA-RF-activity was determined by an enzyme immunoassay. In most of the patients' sera IgA had a high level of RF-activity. The frequency of(More)
Subclasses of the G-paraproteins were examined by the method of tryptic splitting of the sera. The fragments were identified in the immunoelectrophoresis with the antisera detecting the IgG, Fab-, Fc- and Fc1-fragments. It was revealed that for the IgGI most typical was formation of the Fc1-fragment continuously detected along with the Fab- and(More)
The spin-label method was used for structural study of different subclasses of human immunoglobulin A. The spin label was incorporated into the protein part, as well as into carbohydrates of the IgA molecules. Well resolved outer wide extrema were characteristic of the ESR spectra of IgA spin-labeled at the protein moiety. ESR spectra of IgA tagged at(More)