Gurvinder S. Baicher

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Media access control (MAC) layer is a very important layer in wireless sensor networks (WSN) since this kind of network is self organizing and has different priorities than regular networks. Due to limited resources, WSN requires special MAC protocols. This work helps to explore some WSN MAC protocols and addresses the kind of problems that are solved by(More)
This paper considers theoretical issues concerning reconstruction errors and conditions for perfect reconstruction (PR) of the input signal for a 2-channel multirate quadrature mirror filter (QMF) bank. The main emphasis is on the optimisation of a new design of a perfect reconstruction QMF bank using infinite impulse response (IIR) filters based on(More)
WSNs plays an important role in many of the applications like patient health monitoring, battlefields surveillance, traffic control, environmental observation, home automation and building intrusion surveillance. WSNs are convenient, cost effective, and give ease of integration with other networks and their components. However, wireless technology also(More)
Wireless sensor networks are becoming very popular technology, it is very important to understand the architecture for this kind of networks before deploying it in any application. This work explores the WSN architecture according to the OSI model with some protocols in order to achieve good background on the wireless sensor networks and help readers to(More)
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