Gurvesh Bhardwaj

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We report a case of actinomycosis of the knee joint. The patient had to undergo lower thigh amputation, as the infection could not be eradicated after repeated curettage and penicillin therapy. The purpose of reporting this case is to emphasize that early diagnosis and management can save the limb, as delay leads to sclerosis of the bone, which hampers the(More)
We report a case of traumatic, simultaneous right anterior and left posterior hip dislocation without associated fractures, suffered in a high velocity traffic accident by a 35-year-old man. Closed reduction of both hips was successfully performed. The mechanism of this injury is discussed.
Article history: Received on: 17/08/2016 Revised on: 20/09/2016 Accepted on: 03/10/2016 Available online: 20/01/2017 Klebsiella species known to exhibit important PGP traits like solubilization of phosphate, phytohormone production and good germination potential. In present study, based on the Phosphate solubilization and IAA production bacterial strain(More)
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