Gurvan Le Clec'H

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Event-related fMRI was used to test the hypothesis that the visual word form area in the left fusiform gyrus holds a modality-specific and prelexical representation of visual words. Subjects were engaged in a repetition-detection task on pairs of words or pronounceable pseudo-words that could be written or spoken. The visual word form area responded only to(More)
Cerebral activity during number comparison was studied with functional magnetic resonance imaging using an event-related design. We identified an extended network of task-related areas that showed a phasic activation following each trial, including anterior cingulate, bilateral sensorimotor areas, inferior occipito-temporal cortices, posterior parietal(More)
Some models of word comprehension postulate that the processing of words presented in different modalities and languages ultimately converges toward common cerebral systems associated with semantic-level processing and that the localization of these systems may vary with the category of semantic knowledge being accessed. We used functional magnetic(More)
The authors report a case of congenital epulis in the lower gum of a new born female. This rare benign tumor of the newborn is histologically characterized by the granular aspect of its cells. It occurs more frequently in females than in males. Differential diagnosis mainly concerns Abrikossoff tumor whose histogenesis and evolution are different. The(More)
The congenital fistula of the piriform sinus is a rare, often overlooked, malformation originating in the branchial pouch. More than 70 observations have been reported in the literature. The authors describe four new cases of documented fistula of the fourth endobrachial pouch. The terminology of these malformations and the different hypotheses concerning(More)