Gurusamy Nachimuthu

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Chondrosarcomas are malignant cartilage forming tumours. They form the second most common primary malignant tumour involving the vertebral axis. We present a rare presentation of a secondary chondrosarcoma from the spinous process of lumbar vertebra and discussed its management. The main emphasis is on the rare presentation and the need for awareness and(More)
Enhancing storage of carbon (C) in agricultural soil has been proposed as a partial solution to offset the accelerated release of greenhouse gases associated with global warming. A net loss of soil C is common in most cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)-based farming systems in Australian Vertisols. Some authors have suggested that an “ideal” stoichiometric(More)
Hemophilic pseudotumor involving the spine is extremely uncommon and presents a challenging problem. Preoperative planning, angiography, intra and perioperative monitoring with factor VIII cover and postoperative care for hemophilic pseudotumor is vital. Recognition of the artery of Adamkiewicz in the thoracolumbar junction helps to avoid intraoperative(More)
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