Gururaj Putraya

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We present a depth estimation method for light field cameras by making use of Epipolar Plane Image (EPI) representations of the microlens sub images. Light field raw image structure has several sub images and generally depth is estimated using multi baseline techniques or object labeling schemes. Both these approaches are quite complex. EPI representation(More)
We present a hierarchical method for estimating pixel resolution disparity from a raw Plenoptic 2.0 light field capture. Accurate pixel resolution disparity is essential for reconstruction of a high quality conventional image, and also for various applications that depend on disparity, like object segmentation, bokeh etc. Most light field disparity(More)
We present a subspace based disparity estimation technique for plenoptic 2.0 lightfield cameras. The raw lightfield image contains a micro-image for every lens in the micro-lens array. The disparity of a scene point is typically estimated using multi-baseline approach. The multi-baseline approach necessitates that a focussed copy of a patch is present in at(More)
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