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 Homeobox genes encode a family of DNA-binding regulatory proteins which are crucial for development. The first plant homeobox gene identified was knotted1 which plays a major role in leaf development. The knotted1 gene has a homeobox which encodes a homeodomain (HD) and HD proteins have been shown to function as transcription factors. A phylogenetic(More)
 Homeobox genes are the master control genes harbouring the homeobox which is crucial for developmental associated functions. One homeobox gene, knotted1, which has a role in leaf development, is conserved in plants and might have arisen from a single ancestral gene. Using PCR, we identified multiple kn1 homeoboxes in diverse cereals and showed a cereal/(More)
Personal assistants such as Siri have changed the way people interact with computers by introducing virtual assistants that collaborate with humans through natural speech-based interfaces. However, relying on speech alone as the medium of communication can be a limitation; non-verbal aspects of communication also play a vital role in natural human(More)
People communicate through words and gestures, but current voice-based computer interfaces such as Siri exploit only words. This is a shame: human-computer interfaces would be natural if they incorporated gestures as well as words. To support this goal, we present a new dataset of naturally occurring gestures made by people working collaboratively on blocks(More)
Flex sensors are widespread in engineering and automation fields and their scope is increasing in biometrics and biomedical fields. The property exhibited by the flex sensors to change its resistance with the changes in physical flexing, can be used to construct an elementary authentication method based on the physiological characteristics of the human(More)
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