Gururaj Hanchinamani

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Recently, several chaotic based image encryption schemes have been proposed, each of them has its own strengths and limitations more or less in terms of security level and computational speed. In this paper, a novel approach for image encryption based on a 2-D Zaslavskii map and Pseudo Hadmard transform is proposed. The encryption process is composed of two(More)
Advanced image encryption schemes for secure transmission and storage are increasingly needed for a number of applications like medical, military, satellite etc. In this paper, a novel image encryption algorithm based on Logistic and Tinkerbell map is proposed.The proposed method uses two 1-D Logistic maps with different keys and one 2-D Tinkerbell map. The(More)
In this paper an efficient image encryption scheme based on cyclic rotations and multiple blockwise diffusions with two chaotic maps is proposed. A Sin map is used to generate round keys for the encryption/decryption process. A PomeauManneville map is used to generate chaotic values for permutation, pixel value rotation and diffusion operations. The(More)
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