Guru Rao Hariprasad

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The camel seminal plasma contains a diverse array of components including lipids, carbohydrates, peptides, ions and proteins. These are essential for maintaining normal physiology of spermatozoa and are secreted mainly from the prostrate, epidydimis and bulbo-urethral glands of reproductive system. The protein profiles of camel seminal plasma were resolved(More)
Human endothelin B receptor and its domain-truncated forms were cloned and expressed in Pichia pastoris. Ligand binding studies with expressed proteins were carried out using biotinylated endothelins. Competitive binding and liposome incorporation studies showed that the extracellular region is essential for ligand binding and that longer peptides have(More)
Methods Fresh ink glands from Loligo duvauceli were dissected and the ink was subjected to crude solvent extraction. Chromatographic profiles were assessed by TLC and HPTLC. Fractionation of the bio active compounds was done by Silica gel column chromatography and the active fraction was subjected to GC-MS analysis. In vitro analysis of the anti-HBV like(More)
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