Guru P. Mishra

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This paper presents a global optimization technique named as Taguchi's method (TM) and an evolutionary natured-inspired metaheuristic cuckoo search (CS) optimization method and applied to linear antenna array (LAA) designed for minimum side lobe levels and nulls at the desired directions. TM was developed on the basis of the orthogonal array (OA) concept,(More)
Particle swarm optimization, an intelligent soft computing tool is employed to determine the optimized system parameters of GaAs quantum well for better high frequency performance under hot electron condition at room temperature. The energy loss through LO phonon and momentum loss through LO phonon, deformation acoustic phonon and ionized impurity (both(More)
The present paper deals with a comparative study of the physico-chemical characteristics of river and lake waters in Central India. The surface water has been analysed for pH, turbidity, conductivity, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen and chlorides. The results of analyses of river water have been compared with those from lake water. The study reveals that the(More)
In the proposed work an analytical model of a p-channel dual material gate all around tunnel FET (DMGAA-TFET) is presented and its performance is compared with the conventional GAA-TFET. The electrostatic potential profile of the model is obtained using 2-D Laplace’s solution in the cylindrical coordinate system. A quantitative study of the drain current(More)
A new and very simple way of implementing defected ground structure (DGS) in a microstrip patch antenna is presented. The dimension of DGS is exactly same as the dimension of radiating element. There are two different DGSs implemented in this paper. The DGSs are complement of each other with respect to their structures. The antennas with these complementary(More)
Carrier mobility has become the most important characteristic of high speed low dimensional devices. Due to development of very fast switching semiconductor devices, speed of computer and communication equipment has been increasing day by day and will continue to do so in future. As the response of any device depends on the carrier motion within the(More)
In this work an ARC based GaAs solar cell having both homojunction and heterojunction has been simulated. The cell structure consist of TCO/a-Si:H(p)/GaAs(p)/GaAs(n)/a-Si:H(n)/TCO. The structure has been simulated using Silvaco TCAD. This structure gives higher fill factor due to the reduced series resistance and hence results better efficiency. The work(More)
In this paper, a detail investigation on triadic Linear Cantor Array has been carried out. Two main approaches are focused: study of behavior of strip dipole and V-dipole array by applying fractal geometry and process them through Optimization to get better performance parameters such as high Directivity and low Side lobe Level. Although the fractal concept(More)
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