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The plant Thespesia populnea (Malvaceae) traditionally claimed to be useful in the treatment of cutaneous affections such as scabies, psoriasis, ringworm, guineaworm, eczema and herpetic diseases. Oil prepared by boiling the ground bark in coconut oil is applied externally in psoriasis and scabies. However, there are no established scientific reports for(More)
The Formation Control Testbed (FCT) is a ground based multiple robot testbed for simulating the dynamic interaction of spacecraft formations in a representative 6-DOF environment. Linear and spherical air bearings are used to mimic the drag free space environment. Each robot is fully autonomous with a self contained supply of float gas, integrated battery(More)
Cardiovascular changes principally take two forms: (a) inotropic or pressure-related changes, and (b) chronotropic or rate-related changes. Although the two are not mutually exclusive in the biofeedback of a normally functioning animal, this work was concerned principally with affecting the heart rate of a dog by infusing a rate-altering drug. The purpose(More)
In this paper a new FWM model and a methodology of optimum way of placements of amplifier over a link is presented. The FWM model is compared with the results of a simulator and has novelty that it works even for unequal inter amplifier separations on direct substitution of parameters. For the metropolitan area networks with regenerators placed at every(More)
Particle in Cell (PIC) codes are widely used in the simulation of many plasma related systems (E.g.: Laser plasma interactions, high power microwave sources). A detailed simulation of these systems requires parallel computing facility with faster CPUs with efficient interconnects. We have setup a 33 node Xeon (Dual socket and Dual core) cluster with double(More)
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