Guru Gobind Singh

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  • John Brophy Co-Leader, Nasa, +48 authors Donald K Jpl
  • 2012
This report describes the results of a study sponsored by the Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) to investigate the feasibility of identifying, robotically capturing, and returning an entire Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) to the vicinity of the Earth by the middle of the next decade. The KISS study was performed by people The feasibility of an asteroid(More)
Software effort estimation is an important area in the field of software engineering. If the software development effort is over estimated it may lead to tight time schedules and thus quality and testing of software may be compromised. In contrast, if the software development effort is underestimated it may lead to over allocation of man power and resource.(More)
SRS document is the first deliverable product/milestone in the software development process and acts as a basis for the formal contract between the user and the developer of the software of an information system. This document is written in natural language and reflects the problem (computation) complexity of the system. We felt that there was a need to(More)
1. Admission will be made on the basis of GATE score in the relevant field. 2. If seats remain vacant after admitting the students with valid GATE score, then the admission will be made on the basis of merit of the qualifying marks subject to minimum 60% marks in the qualifying degree.
Rijndael-The AES is 128-bit block cipher based on an elegant algebraic structure over F 2 8. This cipher employs a simple approach to its substitution, permutation (SP) operations. We take a close look on the Key Expansion Mechanism of Rijndael-The AES. This study highlights on the presence of the cascading effect in its key expansion mechanism. Thus,(More)
The Formation Control Testbed (FCT) is a ground based multiple robot testbed for simulating the dynamic interaction of spacecraft formations in a representative 6-DOF environment. Linear and spherical air bearings are used to mimic the drag free space environment. Each robot is fully autonomous with a self contained supply of float gas, integrated battery(More)