Gursewak S. Brar

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This paper undertakes the problem of optimal shunt capacitor placement for loss reduction in a radial distribution feeder. The objective is to determine the optimum size and location of the capacitors to be placed on a radial distribution system. The objective function is to have maximization of saving due to reduction of energy losses thereby taking into(More)
— Magnetic abrasive machining is a surface finishing technique in which a magnetic field is used to force abrasive particles against the target surface. As such, finishing of conventionally inaccessible surfaces (e.g., the inside surface of a long curved pipe) is possible. The aim of this paper is to study maximum efficiency in terms of material removal(More)
— Recently, there has been an increasing trend of research papers in the literature for using the cross layer protocols in the Wireless sensor networks (WSN) domain. Keeping in view these trends in this paper the proposals have been reviewed and an attempt has been done to classify the protocols in order to bring out open issues for researchers. The major(More)
This paper analyses a multi-compressor system for its performance failures and subsequent improvements. The logbook data of this system has been obtained. Data has been classified using various state-of-art data classification techniques. This paper presents a comparative analysis of Fuzzy clustering algorithm, Hard-c-means clustering and Gustafson-Kessel(More)
In this paper incomplete quantitative data has been dealt by using the concept of fuzzy entropy. Fuzzy entropy has been used to extrapolate the data pertaining to the compressor current. Certain attributes related to the compressor current have been considered. Test data of compressor current used in this knowledge discovery algorithm knows the entire(More)
In recent years, the dramatic rise in the use of the web and the improvement in process industries in general have transformed our society into one that strongly depends on information. The huge amount of data that is generated by this process contains important information that accumulates daily in databases and is not easy to extract. The field of data(More)
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