Gurpreet S. Matharoo

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We evaluate the density of states of the quenched normal modes of ST2 water, and their statistical fluctuations, for a range of densities spanning three regimes of behavior of a hydrogen bonded liquid: a lower-density regime of random tetrahedral network formation, in the vicinity of a liquid-liquid critical point, and in a higher-density regime of fragile(More)
Reconstructions of past climatic changes from borehole temperature profiles are important independent estimates of temperature histories over the last millennium. There remain, however, multiple uncertainties in the interpretation of these data as climatic indicators and as estimates of the changes in the heat content of the continental subsurface due to(More)
We present computer simulation results on the dynamic propensity (as defined by Widmer-Cooper et al 2004 Phys. Rev. Lett. 93 135701) in a Kob-Andersen binary Lennard-Jones liquid system consisting of 8788 particles. We compute the spatial correlation function for the dynamic propensity as a function of both the reduced temperature T, and the time scale on(More)
We have numerically investigated the vibrational spectra of amorphous single-component clusters for several types of interactions among the particles. For all the potentials we have studied, we find that the density of states can be described, except at the two ends of the spectrum, by the same functional form to a very good approximation, and that the(More)
We use the "isoconfigurational ensemble" [Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 135701 (2004)] to analyze both dynamical and structural properties in simulations of a glass-forming molecular liquid. We show that spatially correlated clusters of low-potential-energy molecules are observable on the time scale of structural relaxation, despite the absence of spatial(More)
We numerically investigate the vibrational spectra of single-component clusters in two dimensions. Stable configurations of clusters at local energy minima are obtained, and for each the Hessian matrix is evaluated and diagonalized to obtain eigenvalues as well as eigenvectors. We study the density of states so obtained as a function of the width of the(More)
Borehole temperature profiles provide robust estimates of past ground surface temperature changes, in agreement with meteorological data. Nevertheless, past climatic changes such as the Last Glacial Cycle (LGC) generated thermal effects in the subsurface that affect estimates of recent climatic change from geothermal data. We use an ensemble of ice sheet(More)
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