Gurpreet Kaur Grewal

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Over expression of ATP-binding cassette transporters is considered one of the major reasons for non-responsiveness to antiepileptic drugs. Carbamazepine (CBZ), one of first line antiepileptic drug is known to influence ABCC2 expression but its exact molecular mechanism is unknown. We investigated the effect of CBZ on expression of ABCC2 and pregnane X(More)
CYP1A1 gene is involved in estrogen metabolism, and previously, we have reported association of variant rs2606345 with altered anti-epileptic drugs (AED) response in North Indian women with epilepsy (WWE). The present study aims to replicate the pharmacogenetic association, perform functional characterization and study its distribution within ethnically(More)
Transgenic Bt cotton BG II (cry1Ac +cry2Ab genes) in comparison with non-Bt cotton were evaluated for their effect on the development of Spodoptera litura in the IPM Laboratory of Department of Entomology, Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana. The leaf and square of various Bt cotton cultivars viz. MRC 7017, BCHH 6488, BCHH 6588, Ankur 3028, NCS 855 and(More)
Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting around 1%-2% of population worldwide and its treatment includes use of antiepileptic drugs to control seizures. Failure to respond to antiepileptic drug therapy is a major clinical problem and over expression of ATP-binding cassette transporters is considered one of the major reasons for pharmacoresistance. In(More)
Out of the 15 discrete proteins encoding the total amount of genetic information in the chromosomes of human immunodeficiency virus type 1; three perform the vital enzymatic functions i.e. a reverse transcription, an integration, and proteolysis. The HIV integrase is the new validated drug target against AIDS amongst all essential enzymes due to the lack of(More)
Docking simulations were performed on series (Hetero)arlylidene-(4substituted-thiazol-2-yl)hydrazines as MAO-B inhibitors. This was done by analyzing the interaction of these compounds with the catalytic site of the MAO-B enzyme. Assuming that the enzyme inhibition is a function of the interaction energy, from a comparison with pIC50 a good correlation(More)
ABC transporters have a significant role in drug disposition and response and various studies have implicated their involvement in epilepsy pharmacoresistance. Since genetic studies till now are inconclusive, we thought of investigating the role of xenobiotics as transcriptional modulators of ABC transporters. Here, we investigated the effect of six(More)
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