Gurkan Kucukyildiz

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In this study, development and optimization of a Hough transform based real time lane detection algorithm was explored. Finding lane marks by using Hough transform on captured video frames was the main goal of the system. Image processing code was developed on Visual DSP 5.0 environment and the code was run on BF-561 processor embedded in ADSP BF561 EZ KIT(More)
In this study, control of a vision based magnetic levitation system was explored. The system which is known as magnetic levitation or magnetic suspension constitutes the fundamental of the high speed maglev trains. The system levitates a ferro-magnetic object in the space using electromagnetic force against to gravity. The system consists of a coil, a(More)
In this study, image processing based low cost indoor localization system was developed. Image processing algorithm was developed in C programming language and Open CV image processing library. Frames were captured by a USB camera which was designed for operating at 850 nm wave length to eliminate environmental disturbances. A narrow band pass filter was(More)
In this study, Sick-LMS100 Lidar was used for detecting the obstacles around a mobile robot platform and finding the best heading direction. The computer and the LIDAR were communicated via Ethernet TCP/IP in order to gather position information of the objects around. The algorithm, which was developed in Visual Basic 6.0 environment, chose the optimal(More)
In this study, it was studied on a path tracking method which is based on fuzzy logic, PI and P control for 4-wheeled differential drive autonomous mobile robots. Major problem is to force the mobile robot which is assumed to be located on a static map, to track a path that was planned by planning algorithms on the same map. Therefore, a mobile robot(More)
In this study, an image processing based package volume detection scheme that utilizes Kinect depth sensor was developed in Matlab environment. Background subtraction method was used to obtain the foreground image that contains the package to be measured from the Kinect depth image. Connected components labeling method was used to segment the foreground(More)
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