Gurjit Singh

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BACKGROUND Varicose vein is a common surgical problem. We studied clinical presentation of varicose veins and its surgical treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS All patients with varicose veins presented to our hospital were included in the study. All patients in our study were assessed by clinico etiological Anatomical and pathological (CEAP) classification.(More)
Although uncommon, incisional hernia may occur after operations where vertical or paramedian incision is not used. Fifteen patients of incisional hernia through nonvertical incisions in the age group of 22 to 65 years were studied. This included hernia through subcostal incision commonly used for cholecystectomy, gridiron incision, pfannensteil incision and(More)
Nine patients with Fournier's gangrene were managed during last five years in various service hospitals. Mean age was 51 years (range 21-81 years). Most of these patients were from middle and upper class. Common predisposing factors included diabetes mellitus, alcohol abuse and poor personal hygiene. Streptococcus haemolyticus, Staphylococcus aureus and E(More)
BACKGROUND Foot ulcers and their complications are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in diabetes. The present study examines the amputation risk criterion and the long term outcome in terms of amputations and mortality in patients with diabetic foot. METHODS 27 patients with diabetic foot lesions were studied. There were 15 patients with early(More)
Necrotizing fasciitis represents a group of highly lethal infections characterized by rapidly progressing inflammation and necrosis. The aim of the study was to analyze the clinical profile, microbial flora, and predisposing risk factors in patients with necrotizing fasciitis. Lastly, we aimed to formulate a protocol for management of necrotizing fasciitis.(More)
16 patients with necrotizing soft tissue infections were managed during last three years in various service hospitals. The experience indicates that there is considerable overlap in clinical findings and bacteriology. The infections seem to be variations of the same disease process, a spreading necrotizing infection. The number of these patients suggests(More)
  • R . P . TIWARI, T . C . BHALLA, S . S . SAINI, Gurjit Singh, D . V . VADEHRA
  • 2006
The inhibitory effects of aflatoxin B1 were found to be related to the gram character in procaryotes, used in this study. Ethylene diamine tetra chloroacetic acid (0·05 % w/v) or Tween-80 (0·05 % v/v) addition accentuated the aflatoxin B1 growth inhibition in Salmonella typhi and Escherichia coli at different pH values. The inhibition of lipase production(More)
J. Neumann, StreamSage/Comcast C. Fermueller, University of Maryland J. Kosecka, George Mason University E. Tzoukermann, StreamSage/Comcast R. Chaudhry, Johns Hopkins University F.Ferraro, University of Rochester H. He, Honkong Polytechnic University Y. Li, University of Maryland I. Perera, University of Pennsylvania B. Sapp, University of Pennsylvania G.(More)