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This paper addresses the problem of determining the number of pure chemical components in a mixture by applying the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) of intrinsic dimension. The application here is to Raman spectroscopy data, although the method is general and can be applied to any type of data from a chemical mixture. We show that the MLE produces(More)
Raman spectroscopy is increasingly commonly used to understand how changes in bone composition and structure influence tissue-level bone mechanical properties. The spectroscopic technique provides information on bone mineral and matrix collagen components and on the effects of various matrix proteins on bone material properties as well. The Raman spectrum(More)
This project aims to reduce the time required to attain more detailed scans of small interesting regions present in a quick first-pass sample image. In particular, we concentrate on high fidelity imaging of small sample features via hyperspectral Raman imaging (e.g., small scale compositional variations in bone tissue [4]). The current standard procedure(More)
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