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The plants of the genus Stephania (Menispermaceae) are widely distributed, and have long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various ailments such as asthma, tuberculosis, dysentery, hyperglycemia, malaria, cancer and fever. Over 150 alkaloids together with flavonoids, lignans, steroids, terpenoids and coumarins have been identified in the(More)
A palmatine derivative, named 11-hydroxypalmatine (4), has been isolated from the tubers of Stephania glabra, together with three known alkaloids, palmatine (1), dehydrocorydalmine (2), and stepharanine (3). The structures of the compounds were elucidated by means of spectroscopic analysis including 2D NMR experiments. The hypoglycemic activity of 4 was(More)
A novel sulphonated phenolic named celtisanin, elucidated as 3-[8'-hydroxy-prop-6'-ene-6'-yl]-5-hydroxymethyl-4-methoxy-2-[penta-1',4'-diene-1'-yl-5'-sulphonic acid]-5,6-dihydrobenzofuran, has been isolated from the fruits of Celtis australis (Ulmaceae), together with three known compounds: apigenin, quercetin and its glucoside. Their structures were(More)
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