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In order to extract valid information from video, process video data efficiently, and reduce the transfer stress of network, more and more attention is being paid to the video processing technology. The amount of data in video processing is significantly reduced by using video segmentation and key-frame extraction. So, these two technologies have gradually(More)
In order to understand the message propagation performance in Mobile ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), various methods and models have been proposed in the literature by applying a common pair wise meeting rate between mobile nodes. In this paper, based on this classical meeting rate, we develop an Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) based analytical frame-work(More)
High selectively catalytic conversion of lignin-based phenols (m-cresol, p-cresol, and guaiacol) into para-/m-xylene was performed over Pt/HZSM-5 through hydrodeoxygenation and in situ methylation with methanol. It is found that the p-/m-xylene selectivity is uniformly higher than 21%, and even increase up to 33.5% for m-cresol (with phenols/methanol molar(More)
The relational database model (RDM), proposed by Codd, has been proven to be a very useful model in many applications. The inherent of the RDM is effective for precise and unambiguous data. However, real world applications often include imprecise and uncertain information. Therefore, Beaubouef et al. proposed the rough relational database model (RRDM) for(More)
—In order to detect new virus, a method based on biological immune principle is presented in this paper .On this basis , the clustering method combining genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm is adopted to detect computer virus. Experiments results indicate that this method has strong adaptability, better intelligence, and higher degree of automation.(More)
Aims at some problems that exist in the current C language experimental problems in teaching, research and design of the C/S mode on the C language programming curriculum tests to the secondary system, better implementation of straightening out experimental teaching process, highlighting the main points of the experiment, it is able to effectively resolve(More)
Ensemble techniques have been widely used for improving the classification performance, and recent studies show that ensembling classifiers through multi-modal perturbation can further improve the classification performance. In this paper, we propose a selective ensemble algorithm based on multi-modal perturbation (called SE_MP). In SE_MP, we devise a(More)
  • Guozhu Liu
  • 2009
Scenarios describe how system components, the environment and users working concurrently interact in order to provide system level functionality. Each scenario is a partial story which, when combined with other scenarios, should conform to provide a complete system description. However, it is not always possible to build a set of components that provides(More)