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Due to poverty, serious soil erosion and shortage of rural household energy in Loess Hilly Region, Gansu Province, China, excessive consumption of biofuel has become a critical factor underlying eco-environment degeneration. Data on rural household energy use was obtained by questionnaires, and based on substitutable analysis, environmental and economic(More)
Inspired by biosilicification, biomimetic polymer-silica nanocomposite has aroused a lot of interest from the viewpoints of both scientific research and technological applications. In this study, a novel dual functional polymer, NH 2-Alginate, is synthesized through an oxidation-amination-reduction process. The " catalysis function " ensures the as-prepared(More)
Energy is the most basal material demand for exist and development of human being. Due to poverty in economy, eco-environment and shortage of rural household energy and excessive consumption of biofuel becomes the important factor driving eco-environment degeneration in Loess Hilly Region of Gansu province. Data about household energy using was obtained by(More)
Excessive consumption of firewood is the important driving factor of forest degeneration in west Qinling Mountains region, China. Based on the investigated data, this paper evaluated the eco-economic benefits of rural energy construction project in this region. The results show: the ecological and economic benefits that using the solar stove and the biogas(More)
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