Guozhang Jiang

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Aiming at the longitudinal temperature was affected by many reasons, and the control principle of combining the intermittent heating control with the heating gas flow adjustment was adopted. Control strategy and an integrated model of coke oven heating based on hybrid intelligent control methods were built. According to artificial operation and actual(More)
Electric furnace roof is an important device for electric steel making, whose heat preservation performance and lifespan have a direct impact on the economic benefits of iron and steel enterprise. Considered contact behavior between prefabricate block, this paper establishes the complete CAD/CAE model of the electric furnace roof with finite element(More)
Ladle is an important container in metallurgy industry, and its lifetime is very important for the natural production of enterprise. The stand or fall of refractory lining of ladle decides its lifetime, yet thermal stress is the direct reason of causing refractory lining breakage. In this paper the structure of ladle mainly by changing the structure of(More)
Numerical simulation of temperature field and thermal stress field in the new type of ladle with the nanometer adiabatic material Abstract With the development of metallurgical industry and the improvement of continuous casting technology, the processing properties of casting technology equipment are being paid more attention. Ladle is one of the most(More)
The air compressor provides not only the required pressure air for the cooling equipment and refrigeration plant, but also the raw material required for the air separation plant. Utilizing the air compressor is extremely extensive in many significant departments such as the metallurgy, oil and chemical industry. The air compressor production process is a(More)