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This letter aims at optimizing the mapping of embedded applications on the hybrid network-on-chip (NoC) that intermingles multiple switching mechanisms. Specifically, we identify the critical characteristics of those switching mechanisms, deriving a new latency and energy model for this type of networks. A novel mapping scheme based on a branch-and-bound(More)
Stream architectures have emerged as a mainstream solution for computation-intensive applications due to their rich arithmetic units. This paper proposes a multithreading technique based on a scheduling scheme of stream programs on clustered VLIW stream architecture, which aims at optimal arithmetic unit utilization without increasing energy consumption.(More)
Stream programming model has received a lot of interest due to its naturally-exposed task, data and pipeline parallelism. Many researches concentrated on scheduling stream programs on multi-core systems. However, few of them consider the arithmetic unit utilization, which is a vital factor to determine the performance of multi-core systems. This paper(More)
The increasing high performance requirement of multimedia applications makes stream processors widely used for multimedia processing acceleration due to the powerful computation. Low power then becomes a critical challenge confronted by stream processors, especially in embedded and realtime situations. In this paper, a low power scheduling algorithm for(More)
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