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This video presents a fully automated desktop workstation for fabricating tissue engineering (TE) scaffolds by assembling microscopic building blocks of dimension 0.5 &#x00D7; 0.5 &#x00D7; 0.2mm<sup>3</sup> and 60&#x00B5;m thickness. A TE scaffold is a porous supporting structure made of biodegradable material for cells to attach to and proliferate. TE(More)
—In practical machining, the multi-axis actual dynamic performances don't match well, which reduces the profile precision greatly. The computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools contour error coupled-control strategy based on line interpolation and curve interpolation is developed in the paper. After analyze the conventional CNC contour error control(More)
The CNC servo system should keep stabilization, have strong robustness and achieve satisfied tracking accuracy all the time when machining, even if machine tool parameters vary or machine tool comes under disturbances. The influence of noise disturbances to system tracking accuracy is analyzed in detail in the paper. Furthermore, the noise disturbances on(More)
The position control arithmetic is crucial to the rapidity, stability and accuracy of CNC system. When adopting conventional PID position controller, the CNC system is difficult to obtain rapid response and satisfied overshoot at the same time because of the PID control coefficient invariance. A nonlinear PID position controller model is developed to(More)
Texture classification is one of the most interesting research topics in the field of computer vision. This paper aims at classifying static as well as dynamic textures (DT). Uniform Local binary pattern (LBP) is a combination of structural and statistical analysis model for classification of both static and dynamic textures. The LBP Histogram Fourier(More)
The position control arithmetic is crucial to the rapidity, stability and accuracy of CNC system. After analyzing the shortcoming that the conventional PID position controller only is difficult to eliminate system steady-state error, the feedforward control in position controller is researched in detail. If the speed feedforward coefficient and acceleration(More)
The actual dynamic performance of each feed axis can't match well usually, which will destroy machine tool contour accuracy seriously. The immune self-adjusting contour error coupled control method based on grating ruler sensors is developed to improve machine tool contour accuracy in the paper. Firstly, measure and convert the feed axis actual displacement(More)
In this study, we propose the acceleration/deceleration control algorithm based on trapezoid-curve jerk in CNC machining. In aviation and mould and die industry, it is much significant to achieve high accuracy CNC machining on complex profile parts. The unsmooth Acceleration/Deceleration (ab. Acc/Dec) control in feed movement is one of the main reasons to(More)
Accurate prediction on energy consumption in machining is helpful to evaluate process energy characteristics and choose process methods for energy saving. Specific energy consumption expresses the required energy consumption when cutting unit volume material. The Back Propagation (BP) neural network prediction method for specific energy consumption in(More)