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—Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a modulation technology that has been widely adopted in many new and emerging broadband wireless and wireline communication systems. Due to its capability to transmit a high-speed data stream using multiple spectral-overlapped lower-speed subcarriers, OFDM technology offers superior advantages of high(More)
Estimations of genetic diversity and of relationships between varieties are crucial for cotton breeding. The genetic diversity of 59 core cotton cultivars, most of which were collected from China's main cotton-growing areas, was analyzed based on genomic and newly developed expressed sequence tag-derived microsatellite markers, using total DNA extracted(More)
Human fetal development depends on the embryo rapidly gaining access to the maternal circulation. The trophoblast cells that form the fetal portion of the human placenta have solved this problem by transiently exhibiting certain tumor-like properties. Thus, during early pregnancy fetal cytotrophoblast cells invade the uterus and its arterial network. This(More)
The cleavage of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) by caspase (casp)-3 is an essential link in the apoptotic pathway in animal cells. In plant cells, however, there is no authentic evidence for the similar role that PARP may play during apoptosis. Using a heat shock (HS)-induced apoptosis system of tobacco cells, we found that immediately after a 4 h heat(More)
Clinically apparent prostate cancer occurs more commonly among Caucasians living in Western countries than in Chinese in the Far East. Prior studies demonstrated diminished facial and body hair and lower levels of plasma 3 alpha-androstanediol glucuronide and androsterone glucuronide in Chinese than in Caucasian men. Based upon these findings, investigators(More)
It is generally agreed that most colon cancers develop from adenomatous polyps, and it is this fact on which screening strategies are based. Although there is overwhelming evidence to link intrinsic genetic lesions with the formation of these preneoplastic lesions, recent data suggest that the tumor stromal environment also plays an essential role in this(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate in vitro and ex vivo effects of matrine on the growth of human lung cancer and hepatoma cells and the cancer cell migration as well as the expressions of related proteins in the cancer cells. Matrine significantly inhibited the in vitro and ex vivo growth of human non-small cell lung cancer A549 and hepatoma(More)
This is a pilot dose-finding study of spermatogenic suppression using testosterone undecanoate (TU) injections alone in normal Chinese men. Thirty-two healthy men were recruited. Volunteers underwent pretreatment evaluation, then a treatment period in which group I (n = 13) received 500 mg TU, group II (n = 12) received 1000 mg TU, and group III (n = 7)(More)
Polymeric drug nanocarriers integrated with diagnostic and sensing functions are capable of in situ monitoring the biodistribution of chemotherapeutic drugs and imaging/contrasting agents, which enables the establishment of image-guided personalized cancer therapeutic protocols. Responsive multifunctional theranostic nanocarriers possessing external(More)
Solution self-assembly of block copolymers (BCPs) typically generates spheres, rods, and vesicles. The reproducible bottom-up fabrication of stable planar nanostructures remains elusive due to their tendency to bend into closed bilayers. This morphological vacancy renders the study of shape effects on BCP nanocarrier-cell interactions incomplete.(More)