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A new paradigm for a mobile service chain's competitive and collaborative mechanism is proposed in this study. The main idea of the proposed approach is based on a multi-agent system with optimal profit of the pull, push, and collaborative models among the portal access service provider (PASP), the product service provider (PSP), and the mobile service(More)
The project-based organizations engaging in engineering consultancy are at the early stage in China. For the manager of China, how to conduct the organization design for them according to contextuality that characterizes the conditions of China is an important issue. First, the factors that affect the performance of this type of the project-based(More)
Offering the services of real-time tracking and arrival time prediction is a common welfare for bus riders and transit agencies, especially in urban environments. On the down side, the traditional GPS-based solutions work poorly in urban areas due to urban canyons, while the location systems based on cellular signal also suffer from inherent limitations. In(More)
The mobile game is experiencing a rapid development and one of the favorite mobile applications. This article focuses on Chinese mobile game market and conducts an empirical research on the factors of the user adoption of mobile game. The research results show that perceived usefulness, perceived entertainment, economic cost and subject norm significantly(More)
Based on the Extended Colored Stochastic Petri Nets (ECSPN), the workflow system was modeled and simulated. To improve described capacity of the traditional Petri nets, a model of the extended colored stochastic Petri nets is proposed, and then an instance is given to explain how to model workflow system with priority queuing and multi-instances. Through(More)
The in-network data storage and retrieval are fundamental functions of sensor networks. Among many proposals, geographical hash table GHT is perhaps most appealing as it is very simple yet powerful with low communication cost, where the key is to correctly define the bounding box. It is envisioned that the skeleton has the power to facilitate computing a(More)