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BACKGROUND Computational and microarray-based experimental approaches were used to generate a comprehensive transcript index for the human genome. Oligonucleotide probes designed from approximately 50,000 known and predicted transcript sequences from the human genome were used to survey transcription from a diverse set of 60 tissues and cell lines using(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in gene expression are known to be responsible for phenotypic variation and susceptibility to diseases. Identification and annotation of the genomic sequence variants that cause gene expression changes is therefore likely to lead to a better understanding of the cause of disease at the molecular level. In this study we investigate the(More)
BACKGROUND DNA methylation patterns have been shown to significantly correlate with different tissue types and disease states. High-throughput methylation arrays enable large-scale DNA methylation analysis to identify informative DNA methylation biomarkers. The identification of disease-specific methylation signatures is of fundamental and practical(More)
BACKGROUND High-throughput DNA methylation arrays are likely to accelerate the pace of methylation biomarker discovery for a wide variety of diseases. A potential problem with a standard set of probes measuring the methylation status of CpG sites across the whole genome is that many sites may not show inter-individual methylation variation among the(More)
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