Guoxun Zhu

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In this study, we developed 3-/4-aminoacetophenones and their structure-based 3-/4-aminophenylethylidenethiosemicarbazide derivatives, respectively, as novel tyrosinase activators and inhibitors. Notably, all the obtained thiosemicarbazones displayed more potent tyrosinase inhibitory activities than kojic acid. Especially, compound 7k was found to be the(More)
In continuing our program aimed to search for potent compounds as highly efficient tyrosinase inhibitors, here a series of novel 4-alkoxy- and 4-acyloxy-phenylethylenethiosemicarbazone analogues were designed, synthesized and their biological activities on mushroom tyrosinase were evaluated. Notably, most of compounds displayed remarkable tyrosinase(More)
52 Structure-based thiosemicarbazone compounds bearing various substituted-lipophilic part, including substituted-benzaldehyde, substituted-phenylalkan-1-one and their biphenyl-type thiosemicarbazone analogs, were designed, synthesized and evaluated as new tyrosinase inhibitors. The results demonstrated that 22 compounds have potent inhibitory activities(More)
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