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Aptamers are artificial single-stranded DNA or RNA sequences, usually 20-60 bases long, that fold into secondary and tertiary structures, which enables their binding to a wide range of targets, including amino acids, drugs, proteins or even entire cells, with high affinity and specificity. Generally synthesized through an in vitro selection and(More)
Data-driven computing and using data for strategic advantages are exemplified by communication systems, and the speech intelligibility in communication systems is generally interrupted by interfering noise. This interference comes from the environmental noise, so we can reduce them intelligibility by masking the interested signal [1, 2]. An important work(More)
We investigate filter properties of chirped fiber Bragg grating (CFBG) (Fabry-Perot) F-P cavity through analyzing the coupled wave equation from one-dimensional Helmholtz equation. We derive an approximate formula of the reflectivity of a CFBG F-P cavity, simulate the central wavelength detuning, and calculate the central wavelength shift with the increase(More)
We report an external stress modulation method for producing a superstructure fiber Bragg grating (FBG) with approximate cascaded resonant cavities composed of different index chirp distributions. The 15 mm uncoated apodized uniform-period FBG is pressed by the vertical stress from the upper 11 pieces of the pattern plate controlled by a piezoelectric(More)
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