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PURPOSE To test whether Müller glia of the mammalian retina have circadian rhythms. METHODS We used Müller glia cultures isolated from mouse lines or from humans and bioluminescent reporters of circadian clock genes to monitor molecular circadian rhythms. The clock gene dependence of the Müller cell rhythms was tested using clock gene knockout mouse lines(More)
The efficient knowledge sharing is the key element for innovation network's success. The strategies are classified as "sharing", "no-sharing" and "retaliation". The game model of knowledge sharing is set up in terms of the evolutionary game theory. The simulation model is constructed with the Net logo software platform which is efficient in multi-agent(More)
R&D network is the popular form for many enterprises to develop new product. But it's a very difficult problem for evaluating the performance of R&D network for its fuzzy destination and diversification of the network members. Traditional performance evaluating method can't play a role on it. Based on the analysis of R&D network's(More)
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