Guoxian Zhang

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Harmine, a naturally occurring β-carboline alkaloid, showed good antitumor activities together with remarkable neurotoxic effects in animal models. In order to search for novel leading compounds endowed with better antitumor activities and less neurotoxicities, a series of harmine derivatives were designed and synthesized by modification of position-2, 7(More)
This paper investigates the comparative performance of several information-driven search strategies and decision rules using a canonical target classification problem. Five sensor models are considered: one obtained from classical estimation theory and four obtained from Bernoulli, Poisson, binomial, and mixture-of-binomial distributions. A systematic(More)
In this paper, a novel artificial potential function is proposed for planning the path of a robotic sensor in a partially observed environment containing multiple obstacles and multiple targets. The sensor planning problem considered in this paper consists of planning the motion of a robot with an on-board sensor that is deployed in order to support a(More)
The quality of service of a network performing cooperative track detection is represented by the probability of obtaining multiple elementary detections over time along a target track. Recently, two different lines of research, namely, distributed-search theory and geometric transversals, have been used in the literature for deriving the probability of(More)
This paper presents an information potential method for integrated path planning and control. The method is applicable to unicycle robotic sensors deployed to classify multiple targets in an obstacle-populated environment. A new navigation function, referred to as information potential, is generated from the target conditional mutual information, and used(More)
The effect of exogenous CaCl2 on photosystem I and II (PSI and PSII) activities, cyclic electron flow (CEF), and proton motive force of tomato leaves under low night temperature (LNT) was investigated. LNT stress decreased the net photosynthetic rate (Pn), effective quantum yield of PSII [Y(II)], and photochemical quenching (qP), whereas CaCl2 pretreatment(More)
High temperature and high light intensity is a common environment posing a great risk to organisms. This study aimed to elucidate the effects of sub-high temperature and high light intensity stress (HH, 35°C, 1000 μmol⋅m-2⋅s-1) and recovery on the photosynthetic mechanism, photoinhibiton of photosystem II (PSII) and photosystem I (PSI), and reactive oxygen(More)
A series of bivalent β-carbolines with a spacer of three to ten methylene units between the indole nitrogen was synthesized and evaluated as antitumor agents. The results demonstrated that compounds 18c, 21b, 25a and 31b exhibited strong cytotoxic activities with IC(50) value of lower than 20 μM against four tumor cell lines. Acute toxicities and antitumor(More)
Laser welding has a quite high demand on trajectory accuracy of articulated robot. To improve dynamic trajectory accuracy of articulated robots for laser welding, a novel 3D seam tracking method is proposed based on stereo visual feedback control. The method constructs a visual feedback control system with two convergent cameras mounted at the end of(More)