Guowei Zhao

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BACKGROUND The Yin Yang 1 (YY1) transcription factor has been identified to target a plethora of potential target genes, which are important for cell proliferation and differentiation. Although the role that YY1 plays in different human types of cancer has been reported, its biological and mechanistic significance in melanoma has not been well defined. (More)
Studies on the chaperone protein α-hemoglobin stabilizing protein (AHSP) reveal that abundant AHSP in erythroid cells enhance the cells’ tolerance to oxidative stress imposed by excess α-hemoglobin in pathological conditions. However, the potential intracellular modulation of AHSP expression itself in response to oxidative stress is still unknown. The(More)
With the rapid development of Subsystem (IMS) could very originally defined as the core network for 3G mobile systems by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) line network and wireless network. Analysis of Enterprise VoIP Traffic from a Wire line IMS System. ith the rapid development of telecommunication industry, the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)(More)
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