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In order to improve the service provider profit, the pricing strategies in service network have been studied, but primarily in static pricing setting without considering different quality of service (QoS) levels. However, in real situation, providers usually dynamically adjust their prices and offer multiple class services to meet different customers.(More)
Carbon subsidy is an important measure for the government to encourage enterprises to reduce carbon emission. This paper analyzes the impact of carbon subsidy on remanufacturing closed-loop supply chain (RCLSC). We explore the profits and the carbon emission quantities of three types of a supply chain: forward supply chain, remanufacturing closed-loop(More)
Remanufacturing is an effective means to realize energy saving and emission reduction. This paper develops an evolutionary game model with a two-echelon closed-loop supply chain to study evolutionary stable strategies (ESS) of manufacturers and retailers. Through analyzing evolutionary path of the game, we find that there are two possible evolutionary(More)
Imperfect electric vehicle charging infrastructure network has become a major obstacle for prompting the adoption of electric vehicles. Kuby (2005) considered the constraint of vehicle range, and developed a location model for alternative-fueling vehicles based on maximum flow -FRLM (flow - refueling location mode). In the plan of deploying an electric(More)
As a necessary supporting infrastructure in development of electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations can provide electric vehicles charging service. Their locations are reasonable or not directly related to the development of the electric vehicle industry and their service quality, efficiency, convenience, etc. On the basis of flow capturing(More)