Guoshun Hao

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Hierarchical Cellular Networks (HCN) offer more efficient channel utilization and better quality of service (QoS) under the high tele-traffic condition compared to the single-tier system. One of the important measures of QoS in HCN as in any single-tier system is the handoff dropping rate. Although the existing approaches such as guard channel and queuing(More)
In combination of Web service and wireless technology, grid computing is evolved into a de facto standard for shared-resource computations. Although numerous efforts have been made on the construction of grid systems, stateless Web service composition has not been addressed sufficiently in grid environment, which is usually service-conscious. This paper(More)
The paper presents an unified Description Logic (DL) model for databases. Describing database models using DLs is a fundamental problem in many areas because it turns databases to logical systems with enriched semantics and enhanced reasoning mechanism. A typical relational database model comprises three components: relational data model, relational(More)
This paper presents a service-based grid computing model which emphasizes that a grid is a special computing system. By comparing this model with the traditional computing system model, we analyze their similarities and differences, which is important for related grid study. The proposed model is very useful for future study in grid computing: it not only(More)
Data integration is the problem of combining data residing at distributed sources. Despite its importance, there is no universal architecture available because of the limitations of available technologies. The emerging of SOA and the application of ontology provide a new starting point for solving the problem. By making use of services and ontology(More)
Data integration is the issue of retrieving and combining data residing at distributed and heterogeneous sources, and of providing users with transparent access without being aware of the details of the sources. Data integration is a very important issue because it deals with data infrastructure issues of coordinated computing systems. Despite its(More)
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