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The Escherichia coli GreA and GreB proteins induce cleavage of 3' fragments from nascent transcripts in halted transcription complexes. We have overproduced and purified the GreA protein and tested how it affects initiation, pausing, and termination by E. coli RNA polymerase. Recombinant GreA induced cleavage of two to three nucleotide fragments in two(More)
To identify regions of the largest subunit of RNA polymerase that are potentially involved in transcript elongation and termination, we have characterized amino acid substitutions in the beta' subunit of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase that alter expression of reporter genes preceded by terminators in vivo. Termination-altering substitutions occurred in(More)
GreA- and GreB-induced transcript cleavage drives reverse translocation of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase on a DNA template in the absence of NTPs (Feng, G.-H., Lee, D. N., Wang, D., Chan, C. L., and Landick, R. (1994) J. Biol. Chem. 269, 22282-22294, accompanying report). During transcript elongation, the sizes of the DNA footprint and the single-stranded(More)
Among the earliest rpoBC mutations identified are three suppressors of the conditional lethal rho allele, rho201. These three mutations are of particular interest because, unlike rpoB8, they do not increase termination at all rho-dependent and rho-independent terminators. rpoB211 and rpoB212 both change Asn-1072 to His in conserved region H of rpoB(More)
The diaphragm fiber optic sensor (DFOS) solely based on Fabry-Perot multiple beam interference has been designed and fabricated with Micro-electric mechanical system (MEMS) technology. The silicon diaphragm with an embossed center was designed with an interference gap width kept accurately. The DFOS is verified to be truly and purely of Fabry-Perot type via(More)
We report on an accurate determination of the rotational constants of the ultracold long-range Cesium molecules in near dissociation domain. The scheme relies on a precise reference of the frequency difference in a double photoassociation spectroscopy induced by two laser beams based on an acoustic-optical modulator. The rotational constants are obtained by(More)
We investigate an effective control of the laser-induced frequency shift of ultracold cesium molecules formed by photoassociation (PA) in a magnetically levitated crossed dipole trap via an external magnetic field. A series of molecular PA spectra have been measured with increasing the PA laser intensity at different bias fields. We find that the slope of(More)
GreA is a 17.6 kDa protein from Escherichia coli that induces cleavage of the nascent transcript in the elongating complex of RNA polymerase, followed by release of the 3'-terminal fragment. Crystals of GreA have been obtained from polyethylene glycol 4000, 2-propanol and sodium citrate, pH 5.6 and have been propagated by a novel seeding procedure. The(More)
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