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Identification of individuals is ubiquitous with increasing reliance by financial and governmental organizations on reliable and robust personal recognition systems to determine and confirm the identity and policy constraints for specific individuals in 'real-time' when reacting to service requests. The traditional identification approaches to user(More)
BACKGROUND Drinking alcohol has a long tradition in Chinese culture. However, data on the prevalence and patterns of alcohol consumption in China, and its main correlates, are limited. METHODS During 2004-08 the China Kadoorie Biobank recruited 512,891 men and women aged 30-79 years from 10 urban and rural areas of China. Detailed information on alcohol(More)
—Web pages are used popularly and frequently today because the message in the pages can be fast spreading all over the world in real-time. A kind of new approach is constructed for the webpage information hiding. The hiding data is composed of the length of secret, the checksum and the secret data. The secret message is required for modification using(More)
Exact synchronization of PN code is the precondition of the excellences of spread spectrum communicating system, and how to rapidly and effectively make the PN code to exact synchronization becomes the key of the excellent performance of spread spectrum communicating system. After the analysis of simple serial acquisition and hybrid acquisition, this paper(More)
Most network intruders launch their attacks through stepping-stones to reduce the risks of being discovered. To uncover such intrusions, one prevalent, challenging, and critical way is to compare an incoming connection with outgoing connections to determine if a computer is used as a stepping-stone. In this paper, we present a way by using signal processing(More)