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Measles remains a severe global health threat, and nearly 30 million new cases are reported annually. Although many studies have analyzed measles viruses (MV) at the epidemiologic and phylogenetic levels, no study has yet to integrate these two types of data. To this end, we isolated 16 wild-type MV strains China's Jilin province. The MV genotype H1 was the(More)
New complexity results are derived. It is shown that the two machine flow shop problem with a single server is NP-hard if either the setup times or the processing times are constant. Furthermore, polynomial algorithms are given for special cases in which both setup times and processing times are constant. Flow-shop problems with a single server are(More)
Microarray gene-expression data of 54 paired gastric cancer and adjacent noncancerous gastric tissues were analyzed, with the aim to establish gene signatures for cancer grades (well-, moderately-, poorly- or un-differentiated) and stages (I, II, III and IV), which have been determined by pathologists. Our statistical analysis led to the identification of a(More)